Dr. Pascal Treats:

Seasonal Allergies

Food Allergies 

Animal Allergies 

Environmental Allergies

  • Has your allergy made it difficult to be outside, have a pet, travel, or go out to eat?

  • Are you concerned that you may never be able to enjoy life without avoiding the trigger, or dealing with physical discomfort?


I understand! In fact, our allergy patients have remarkable improvement. I have recently helped 19 people with allergies eliminate or reduce their symptoms by 90%! 


Are you next?

During your exam I will perform specialized tests to determine if you are the right candidate for these revolutionary treatments including:

  1. Food sensitivity test 

  2. Environmental sensitivity test 

  3. Metabolic assessment 

  4. Autonomic nervous system evaluation

If I believe I cannot help, then I will personally help you figure out what your options are.

We are currently offering

the first 19 new patients


 $37 exams


I finally bought my wife flowers.

“After being married 12 years, I had only been able to buy my wife flowers 3 times because they irritate my allergies so much. This Valentine’s Day I bought her and our two girls four dozen roses total. After two days, my wife said, “Do you realize we have 4 dozen flowers in here and it hasn’t bothered you at all?” I’ve since bought flowers with the same results.” Daniel P. 


I was able to completely enjoy my dream vacation.

“I recently completed the allergy treatments hoping to improve my sensitivity to perfumes scented products and smoking. I was able to fully test my results on a recent trip to Italy, where the scent of smoke was everywhere. While it was annoying, I never once felt sick from it! I was able to completely enjoy my dream vacation. In the past I have traveled on a plane with a carbon mask filter, because usually the perfume of other passengers is too strong for me. I did not experience any sensitivity to perfumes or other scented products on my trip.” Dru C.


I no longer have to be the weird allergy girl at the party.

“I decided to try Dr. Pascal’s allergy treatment program since nothing had helped my eczema since it first appeared when I was 2 years old. Now after 30 years of dealing with eczema, my skin looks and feels great. I’m able to wear my wedding ring EVERY DAY, and I no longer have to be the weird allergy girl at the party explaining why I can’t eat what a host so graciously prepared. This has been the best investment in my health and well-being that I never knew existed.” Emily S.


I am taking up golf again because I feel so good.

“For the most part I could not enjoy any outside activity. They got so bad I was on steroids to control the skin rashes, swelling and the misery that I was in. Even on steroids I still felt miserable outside. My family called me the boy in a bubble. I went through four years of allergy shots that made me worse. After Dr. Pascal’s treatments, I have not taken one steroid. All I can say is amazing. I am even now taking up golf again because I feel so good. I am living proof it works.” Marc D. 


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(919) 380-8000

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Due to our patients with allergies,

we ask that all patients refrain from wearing scented products including: perfume, aftershave, deodorant and

shampoos with fragrances.

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